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Who We Are

The Nassau County Auxiliary Police Program is part of the Nassau County Police Department's Community Safety Unit / Auxiliary Police Section. This program, originally part of Civil Defense, was created by federal law in the 1940's to protect the residents of the United States during, before and after attack by enemy forces. In 1951 the New York State Defense Emergency Act further defined the use of civil defense forces (auxiliary police). Today, our main mission is to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency. Emergencies can range from hurricanes, storms, floods, blackouts, nuclear emergencies, terrorist incidents, etc.

What We Do
The Auxiliary Police Section is comprised of over 30 community based units.  Each unit is made up of dedicated volunteers who:
-Help prevent & deter criminal activity by routine patrols in marked Auxiliary Police vehicles
-Ensure the safety of our fellow residents during various community events
-Manage traffic at parades and special events such as the LI Marathon, fireworks displays, holiday ceremonies as well as other community events & festivities
-Provide assistance and support services during disasters and other emergencies
Our auxiliary police officers must attend and complete a 150 hour / 36 session basic training course which is taught by state certified instructors at the Nassau County Police Academy. To keep our members updated each member must attend in service training which is conducted when required. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training at the Nassau Police/Fire Academy is available to all members after certain criteria is met.

graduates of the 150 hour / 36 session course are certified as Peace Officers by the New York State DCJS Office of Public Safety. Although auxiliary police officers may not carry firearms in Nassau County, the are trained and certified to carry a police baton and OC spray.  Any member who is interested in being considered for promotions must attend and complete a supervisors course at the police academy.

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