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Windows Philippines: Software That Is Easy To Use

Launched in 1985, the very first Microsoft software was called the Windows 1.0. It was an operating system that was first called ‘Interface Manager’ and was renamed as ‘Windows’ because the name best describes the boxes (‘windows) that were fundamental to the new system. It was described by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, as a “unique software designed for the serious PC user”.

Fast forward to now, the Microsoft Windows Operating System has since evolved and became one of the dominating operating systems in the world for personal computing (the others being Linux and Apple’s iOS). The Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System) has gone from being an OS only for computers to an OS for handheld devices and mobile phones.

With the recent launch of Microsoft Windows 10 in mid-2015, Microsoft has proven themselves to be constantly involving to keep up with the ever-growing tech market. This all-new OS is free to download and can be used on any qualified devices (Such as tablets, PCs, smartphones and Xbox consoles).

Windows Apps For You and Yours

Other than operating systems, Microsoft has other applications (also known as ‘apps’) that are supported by Windows OS for ease of use for its users. Among the most used apps for users of the Windows OS are:

  • Microsoft Office
  • OneDrive
  • Skype

Windows: From Office To Home

Microsoft Office is the name for a set of applications that can be used for data management and so much more. Among the applications included in it are:

  • Microsoft Word (for creating and editing documents)
  • Microsoft Excel (for creating tables)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (for creating slides)
  • Microsoft OneNote (for digital note taking)

Windows: Easy Storage And Access

The Microsoft OneDrive (previously called SkyDrive) is an online storage service that lets you store your personal files for easy access on other devices. It is easy to work with and can be used for both business and personal purposes.

Windows: Stay Connected

A replacement for Windows Live Messenger, Skype helps you stay connected with loved ones around the globe. It supports instant messaging, voice calls as well as video conferencing. It can be used to make low-cost calls to mobile phones and/or landlines around the world.

Windows - The Best Choice For Work and Home

An easy to use OS with affordable applications that can make life easy for its users, it is no doubt Microsoft Windows is a dominant player in the tech market. Its constant improvements and innovations make it user-friendly and ideal for all computer users that have varying needs. The selection above offers the best prices on Windows software for your use and comfort. Scroll back up and continue shopping to enhance your digital lifestyle.